Tuesday, December 4, 2018

M & R Challenger II 16/14

M & R  Challenger II 16/14 

This machine can be ready before the Spring Time 2019 
In time for your busy season 

 Loaded with every feature
AC Servo Pallet Drive - AC Print Heads - 20"x28" Max. Print Area - Front Micro registration - Frame Air Locks - Squeegee & Flood bar Air Locks - Central Off Contact 

Set of Adult pallets Squeegees, Flood bars included - 19.5' Setup Diameter - Reconditioned w/ 90 Day Warranty

 Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_2WeAIDksU
You'll think your looking at a New Machine   

Dave 925-989-6615 


  1. $69,500.00

    This machine list for $145,000 today - even if you received a 20% discount from M & R - your still looking at $116,000 - so you're saving about $47,000 compared to new - and if you look at the video - this machine is basically brought back to new condition - and that's if you get a 20% off - which is hard to do from M & R

    feel free to call - we are looking to just receive a small deposit to start the re-conditioning process


  2. Is this machine still available? Is financing an option?